Alice in Wonderland (3libras) wrote in orlandoactivist,
Alice in Wonderland

Help us protest the lies and crimes of Scientology!

There are going to be protests ALL AROUND THE WORLD on the 10th. Please, join us, or at least spread the word! This dangerous cult is destroying lives and it needs to stop.

Why are we protesting Scientology? Well, allow me to explain. This has NOTHING to do with their beliefs, and everything to do with the corporation, the cult, the lies and the crimes and the PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED.

Do you know who Lisa McPherson is? Google her and learn how she died.
Project Snow White has nothing to do with the Disney movie. Look it up.
Scientologists have to pay upwards of $300,000 for their enlightenment. You could buy a HOUSE with that money! Why should you have to pay, especially that kind of money, to properly practice your religion?

People, this is no laughing matter. I, for one, do not want to just sit back and let this corporate cult ruin people's lives.

Going to be out of town? Odds are, there will be a protest nearby for you to attend. Locations and more information here:
Can't make it to a protest but still want to help? Print out fliers and pass them out! Tell your friends, your family, anyone who will listen. Tell them about Lisa McPherson, Operation Snow White,, Let them know the truth about Scientology, and let them know how they can help, if they so desire.

Thank you.

[Note: If you have a dissenting opinion, you're more than welcome to voice it (politely, please). I do, however, ask that you peruse the above links before choosing to do so.]
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