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Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs Under Attack!

From: brian sprinkle <distancedself@hotmail.com>
To: benny orlando direct action <bennyrizzo@revolution.gq.nu>, ... marc silverstein <nabat@hotmail.com>,...
Subject: Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs Under Attack!
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 04:44:57 -0400


(954)Food Not Bombs is a local grassroots collective that shares hot meals with anyone who wishes to join, every Friday at 3 p.m. in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The purpose of Food Not Bombs is to create an environment of community for members of society that are displaced, as well set an example based on human needs and solidarity. Every gathering is a potluck picnic that is cooked from food that would have otherwise been thrown away, stressing the need for a culture of sharing and equality. The society we live in promotes a culture of waste and privilege based on class division. Through our weekly gathering we strive to break down these relationships. To live in this world together, we need to learn to help our brothers and sisters when they need it.

Unfortunately, after more than a year of existence, the city of Fort Lauderdale and the so-called "big wigs" have decided that Food Not Bombs should not gather in Stranahan Park located in front of the Main Library downtown. In recent weeks, the police and park rangers have confronted us with a city ordinance stating the following:
2.2 Social Services. Parks shall be used for recreation and relaxation, ornament, light and air for the general public. Parks shall not be used for business or social service purposes unless authorized pursuant to a written agreement with City.
As used herein, social services shall include, but not be limited to, the provision of food, clothing, shelter or medical care to persons in order to meet their physical needs.


The city of Fort Lauderdale views us as a problem because they wish to drive the homeless population away from this area so that only the privileged can enjoy the public facilities. Food Not Bombs holds firm to the belief that this space should be free for all to enjoy and have picnics in regardless of social standing. Given our principles, Food Not Bombs will not leave this park and is seeking the support of the community to stand with us against this unjust ordinance. This past Friday we were told to leave or be arrested. We will be there this Friday regardless of the orders from the city. It is our right to share food with whoever we wish in a public area and we will not be stopped!

If you feel that Food Not Bombs is a valid part of the community and should be allowed to continue sharing food, come out this Friday at 3 p.m. in front of the Main Library located just east of Andrews Ave. on Broward Blvd.

If you would like to express your grievance to the city over this issue contact:
Mr. George Gretsas, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale
100 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 828-5013 (office)
(954) 828-5021 (fax)
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