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Ryan Skipper's Killer Found Guilty

From EqFL.org:

"Today, Joseph Bearden, one of the two accused killers of Ryan Skipper, was found guilty of second-degree murder and robbery.

On March 15, 2007, Ryan Skipper was stabbed 19 times and left to die on a dirt road in Polk County, Florida. His death is a bloody reminder of the anti-gay hatred faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in our state.

Just days ago, a prosecution witness revealed that shortly after the killing, Joseph Bearden, the defendant, said, 'He felt he was doing the world a favor by getting rid of one more faggot.'"

Click here for the rest of the story from Equality Florida's website.

Yabai Bicycle Club solidarity statement with Everglades Earth First!

Released 2.12.09


WE, as a bicycle club seeking to resist - through our actions and ideas - car/oil culture and the further destruction of the earth by oil barons, coal profiteers and all others who aim to and (in many cases) succeed in lining their pockets in the name of "progress," and at the cost of the health of native ecosystems, the continued existence of species, and the well-being of indigenous and marginalized peoples - across the globe and in our own backyards; and to promote our alternative, bicycles and creative resistance; wish to express our collective solidarity with Everglades Earth First!, Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas and the others arrested in both the February, 2008, and January, 2009 actions against the construction of Florida Power and Light's West County Energy Center, and to reopen Barley Barber Swamp for immediate scientific monitoring and public use.

We strongly condemn the continued construction Florida Power and Light's West County Energy Center, a 3,800 megawatt coal-fire power plant under construction in the Everglades, that, when complete, will be the nations largest coal-burning power plant, and result in the emission of 12,000,000 tons of toxic carbon per year and dispense 13,500,000 gallons of contaminated water into Florida's aquifer per year, while drawing 6,500,000,000 gallons of water a year from the surface and the aquifer. We call for the immediate cancellation of the project, by direct action, if necessary.

We also request that Florida Power and Light remove all "green," "clean," and other incorrect environmental information and "greenwashing" off all promotional materials for this project, as it insults the intelligence of not only environmental activists, but also to the public at large. There is no "Clean Coal," and arguing that this is environmentally responsible ignores the heightened levels of mercury present in the long list of pollutants.

We support the actions of Everglades Earth First! to resist the further construction of the West County Energy Center, and acknowledge that direct action has become the ONLY way to effectively combat the further degradation of the Everglades, and more broadly, the earth. To quote John F. Kennedy: "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." While this issue doesn't deal with violence, it does speak to the fact that every effective means to environmental justice is becoming illegal or ineffective to the benefit of those who make their living destroying the earth, thus the necessity for other creative and more direct outlets.

Earlier this month, Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas were sentenced to 30 and 60 days, respectively for misdemeanor trespassing and blocking traffic as an act of civil disobedience in an action to slow the construction of the West County Energy Center in February of 2008. They were engaged non-violent direct action during a protest against the plant.

We wish to express solidarity with Purvis and Tsolkas, as well as the others arrested in this action, as they are doing the work that is necessary to have a shot at saving the Everglades and it's right to exist as one of the last "wild" spaces left in the civilized world, and as a biotope unique to our part of the world. It could have been any of us, and it was them.

We strongly condemn this unnecessary show of judicial might and the unusually long sentences handed down to these activists. It is our belief that the sentences are politically motivated, and although we no longer expect any measure of judicial fairness, as "saving the world" seems to have been reduced to a petty crime by the powers that be, we are saddened that it would be our comrades who take the brunt of this arbitration, known as justice, and call for their immediate release and their records wiped clean of these "crimes."

As such, we strongly urge activists and others alike to look between the lines of newsprint, beneath the words in the news to the real truth. News is paid for by advertising and industry, and as such, there is a relationship of control on part of industry over the media - to ensure continued support of advertising - that distorts the truth to pacify the masses into inaction and ignorance of issues that affect their lives. We urge people to organize within their communities to fight the destruction of the earth, and the exploitation of it's resources; to a degree according to their comfort level, become involved. WE are those who they must win over. They cannot exist without OUR permission. The future of the Everglades is in OUR hands, not theirs.

no compromise
Yabai Bicycle Club
"es mejor morir de bicicleta que vivir arrodillado"

press release: FORWARD WIDELY <3

Opponents of Florida Power and Light- GO TO JAIL!
South Florida environmentalist sentenced to 60 days and 30 days in the
Palm Beach County Jail for protesting FPL

Who: Opponents of Florida Power and Light’s West County Energy Center
What: Discuss the excessive sentencing of Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas
Where: At the Main Entrance to the Palm Beach County Jail on Gun Club Road
When: 8:30 AM

Palm Beach County, FL- After being found guilty of misdemeanor trespassing, blocking traffic in an act of civil disobedience during the February 2008 protest against Florida Power Light’s West County Energy Center, Lynne Purvis and Panagioti Tsolkas are sentenced to 30 and 60 days in jail.

During their court case, Purvis and Tsolkas argued that the environmental damages caused by FPL’s power plant necessitated non- violent civil disobedience. Scientist

Dr. John van Leer and Dr. Sydney Bachus testified in defense of Purvis and Tsolkas, arguing that the completion of the FPL West County Energy Center could lead to higher levels of Mercury in the Loxahatchee Preserve area and aquifer contamination; in addition to the acceleration of global warming. The State Attorney’s Office contested the environmentalists’ claims, arguing that proposed power plant impact on global warming was not an imminent threat.

Once open, the Florida Power and Light West County Energy Center will be the largest fossil fuel burning power plan in the United States, emitting twelve million tons of potentially toxic carbon emissions and dispensing 13.5 million gallons of contaminated water into Florida’s aquifer every year.

In addition to jail, Judge Johnson sentence restrains Purvis and Tsolkas from coming within 500 feet of FPL property. Both remain committed to protecting Palm Beach County’s natural resources.

Co-defendant Russell McSpadden responded to the Judge’s sentence stating, “The FPL West County Energy Center poses an imminent and severe threat to our quality of life in Palm Beach County. We are dissapointed with the Judge’s decision to jail environmental activists who took action to stop FPL from contaminating the air and water of Palm Beach County. We believe during this time of global climate change that average citizens must step up and take action to address the impacts large corporations are having on our environment. ”

For More Information:

Russell McSpadden

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition

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Know any queer rural zines? x-post (if this doesn't belong/breaks rules, sorry; tell me&I'll delete)

Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but my friend Jenna (a.k.a. trashcan_chica) needs some help:

"does anyone know of any queer zines about living in rural areas or going to rural areas?

any help/pointing in the right direction would be amazing. i went through the whole Queer Zine Archive and couldn't really find anything.

jenna b

p.s. i just got a wordpress site, sassyfrasscircus.com!"

Her (AIM) away message also says: "is looking for zines about/by members of radical queer ANTI-URBAN communities, so if you know of any..."

So please comment if you can help at all; thanks. :]

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National Day of Protest
Florida's Amendment 2
California's Proposition 8
and Arizona's Proposition 10

Tomorrow: Saturday, November 15 at 1:30 PM

Outside City Hall in Downtown Orlando (at the corner of Orange Avenue and South Street)

More information at:


Wake up early, turn off your computer, and take to the streets.

This in itself isn't going to change it, but it's the first step.

It's infinitely better than us just sitting quietly and not letting the world see how much this hurts all of us.

Not that we are prone to do that... at all.

See you there.

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Hello, this is a very focused community you have here, congratulations! My name is Bill and I work for an online job board called GoJobs.com.  We’re currently redesigning our site to draw more traffic and are also focusing more on niche communities of job seekers.  Activists in Orlando is about as niche as you can get! I was discussing it with my co-workers, and none of us could really decide what kind of job an activist would be most interested in having. 


Would a page like this: http://gojobs.com/social-work-jobs.html be useful in a job search, for an Orlando activist? Please, check it out, and I would welcome some feedback.


Thanks so much for reading, and keep fighting the good fight!

radical conference

All Power to the Imagination! Conference on Radical Theory and Practice

New College of Florida
Sarasota, Florida
April 4-6th

All Power to the Imagination! is a 3-day conference that will bring activists, academics, undergraduate/graduate students, and grassroots organizers together for a weekend of listening, networking, sharing, and organizing. We will discuss ideas, tactics, experiences, and skills as well as theories, scholarship, and research to develop our radical vision for the present and future. There will be a keynote speech by black radical activist and former Black Panther member Ashanti Alston as well as a performance of Howard Zinn's play Marx in Soho. Workshop/presentation topics at the conference include: feminism, queer/trans issues, environmentalism, student movements, social movements, anti-racism, community organizing, labor, political art, radical pedagogy, community radio, political philosophy, and more!

For more info and a comprehensive list of presentations, visit:

For a tentative copy of the schedule, visit:
River: goggles

Help us protest the lies and crimes of Scientology!

There are going to be protests ALL AROUND THE WORLD on the 10th. Please, join us, or at least spread the word! This dangerous cult is destroying lives and it needs to stop.

Why are we protesting Scientology? Well, allow me to explain. This has NOTHING to do with their beliefs, and everything to do with the corporation, the cult, the lies and the crimes and the PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED.

Do you know who Lisa McPherson is? Google her and learn how she died.
Project Snow White has nothing to do with the Disney movie. Look it up.
Scientologists have to pay upwards of $300,000 for their enlightenment. You could buy a HOUSE with that money! Why should you have to pay, especially that kind of money, to properly practice your religion?


People, this is no laughing matter. I, for one, do not want to just sit back and let this corporate cult ruin people's lives.

Going to be out of town? Odds are, there will be a protest nearby for you to attend. Locations and more information here: http://encyclopediadramatica.com/PROJECT_CHANOLOGY/IRL_PROTEST_PAGE
Can't make it to a protest but still want to help? Print out fliers and pass them out! Tell your friends, your family, anyone who will listen. Tell them about Lisa McPherson, Operation Snow White, Xenu.net, Whyaretheydead.net. Let them know the truth about Scientology, and let them know how they can help, if they so desire.

Thank you.

[Note: If you have a dissenting opinion, you're more than welcome to voice it (politely, please). I do, however, ask that you peruse the above links before choosing to do so.]