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radical conference

All Power to the Imagination! Conference on Radical Theory and Practice

New College of Florida
Sarasota, Florida
April 4-6th

All Power to the Imagination! is a 3-day conference that will bring activists, academics, undergraduate/graduate students, and grassroots organizers together for a weekend of listening, networking, sharing, and organizing. We will discuss ideas, tactics, experiences, and skills as well as theories, scholarship, and research to develop our radical vision for the present and future. There will be a keynote speech by black radical activist and former Black Panther member Ashanti Alston as well as a performance of Howard Zinn's play Marx in Soho. Workshop/presentation topics at the conference include: feminism, queer/trans issues, environmentalism, student movements, social movements, anti-racism, community organizing, labor, political art, radical pedagogy, community radio, political philosophy, and more!

For more info and a comprehensive list of presentations, visit:

For a tentative copy of the schedule, visit:
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